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In 1997 I sent my work to the Hunting Prize competition. It was rejected. The following Next Year, 1998, I sent the rejection slip properly framed as a work of art to be considered. Apparently the Jury did not notice it, or did not care at all. Nevertheless the work was rejected again. In November 1999 I submitted the same work yet this time increased with the 1999 rejection slip. Normally the organisers in order that you collect your rejected work send you the yellowish-coloured part three of the application form (see picture on the left) so that you are able to claim your work back. This time, the evidence points to the Jury having spotted my intention of adding the 2000 rejection slip to the other two in order to have them ready to send as a work of art for the 2001 contest, because they did not send me back part three of the application form in order for me to go and collect my work. Hence I had to ring them about it. Their aims were clear to me: they   wanted to prevent me sending a work for the show 2001 containing three rejection slips properly mounted and framed as a work of art. I complained about the missing part three slip but they blamed the Royal Mail. In the mean time they managed to break the sequence of my rejection slip-art work.